Project Description

These TWO things will make a huge difference in how much your home sells for!
Pre-Packing and DEEP Cleaning.
Buyers don’t walk through your house to look at your “stuff” They want to visualize their “stuff” in the home! Pre-packing is just removing things from the home that you don’t use daily! That may be your “off-season” wardrobe, extra cleaning products, and all of the mail you’ve been storing on the kitchen counter!
Removing extras from closets and cabinets not only helps your home appear more organized but it will make it appear larger!
The next step is DEEP cleaning. I’m not talking about picking up and straightening the pillows- I’m talking about scrubbing the baseboards, cleaning the window sills, and making sure those fan blades are dust-free! If cleaning is not your forte, the cost of highering the work out is well worth it! This step alone is sure to draw in higher offers by making your home look like new!