Project Description

Your secret weapon to becoming a homeowner within ONE year (or less) – without the overwhelm 👇
Enter – The “Future” Homeowner’s Club: you’re all-access pass to the resources you need to go from homebuyer to homeowner!
I mapped out your 1-year timeline for what steps to take and when if you want to be in your first home within one year from today. The best news is that the entire process can be expedited based on your unique situation. If you’re ready in 3 months, that’s wonderful! But if you’re unsure of when to start the process, I’m here to tell you that the homeowner’s club is for anyone who thinks they’ll be ready to buy a house within the next 12 months!
Throughout the month of June, I’ll be sharing different resources for future home buyers that will help you understand more about the process and set you up for success! If you want to join this virtual club, comment with your favorite emoji below and I’ll send you the complete guide to get you started right away!